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The aim of the Institute for Science Networking is to develope new concepts and services for the management of information in science and to advance it according international standards.

The ISN designs and programs online-document- and workflow-systems for scientific institutions and libraries, particularly for those with distributed locations.

For the networking of scientific information sources and their efficient retrieval, the ISN uses and develops novel services and tools.

On behalf of learned societies and other scientific institutions the ISN develops and operates Internet portals for science and its subject areas.

The ISN also runs an elearning platform for physics and offers supporting services around the learnmangement system Campus Virtuell, like training and special adaptations.

Further on the ISN plays an active role in national, international and interdisciplinary boards and initiatives concerning standardization and information services for sciences.

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The Institute for Science Networking cooperates closely with the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg and serves a couple of research projects of the physics department as well as numerous search engines of the university.

The ISN cooperates closly with several partners within different projects.

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The Institute for Science Networking Oldenburg GmbH (ISN) at the University of Oldenburg was founded in January 2002.


Dr. Eberhard R. Hilf, Prof. i. R. (CEO),
Dipl.-Phys. Thomas Severiens


Die Gesellschafter des ISN.
f.l.t.r: Prof. Dr. Eberhard R. Hilf, Dipl.-Phys. Julika Mimkes, Dr. Heinrich Stamerjohanns, Dipl.-Phys. Thomas Severiens, Dipl.-Phys. Michael Hohlfeld (missing on this picture: Eike Bernhardt and Dipl.-Ing. Gesine Hilf).
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