Workshops and Meetings

May 27-29th 2003, Houston
JCDL 2003
May 20-24th 2003, Berlin
ETD 2003, Next Steps - Electronic Theses and Dissertations Worldwide -
March 27-29th 2003, Berlin
3rd Workshop of the OAForum: Networking Multimedia Resources
December, 6-7th 2002, Lisbon
2nd Workshop of the OAForum: Open Access to Hidden Resources
September 16-18th 2002, Rome
6th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries
September 6-7th 2002, Oldenburg
Milestones for 2003, Meeting with Ed Fox
May 17th, 2002, Berlin
Meeting on OAi implemenations
May 2nd 2002, Pisa
1st Workshop of the Open Archives Forum
April 15th 2002, Washington D.C.
CNI (Coalition for Networked Information) Spring Meeting Session: NDLTD and OAI: A Case Study of a Worldwide Community Sharing (Multilingual, Multimedia) Electronic Theses & Dissertations through the Open Archives Initiative
September 12th, 2001, New Orleans
Open Archive Workshop at the SIGIR '01: 24th ACM/SIGIR International Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval,
September 14-18th, 2001, Virginia Tech
Open Archives Workshop, joint discussion on the project
September 3rd, 2001, Duisburg
The project MathDiss International in cooperation with Open Archives: Distributed services for physicists and graduate students (OAD) jointly organized a workshop in Duisburg: International Interdisciplinary Open Archives and Subject Specific Ser vices in Mathematics and Physics
Schifferbörse Duisburg/Ruhrort
June 19th, 2001, Berlin
February 26th, 2001, Berlin
Open Archives, Open Meeting

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