Christian Thiemann Proposed Specification of a Distributed XML-Query Network

Author(s): Christian Thiemann, Michael Schlenker, Thomas Severiens

Proposed Specification of a Distributed XML-Query Network

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Article: C. Thiemann, M. Schlenker, T. Severiens: Proposed Specification of a Distributed XML-Query Network, cs.DC/0309022

Keywords: XML, XML-Query, Networking, Information Retrieval, distributed computing, load balancing, protocoll

MSC: 68P10, 68M12, 68M14, 68M15

W3C's XML-Query language offers a powerful instrument for information retrieval on XML repositories. This article describes an implementation of this retrieval in a real world's scenario. Distributed XML-Query processing reduces load on every single attending node to an acceptable level. The network allows every participant to control their computing load themselves. Furthermore XML-repositories may stay at the rights holder, so every Data-Provider can decide, whether to process critical queries or not. If Data-Providers keep redundant information, this distributed network improves reliability of information with duplicates removed.

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