Science information and PhysNet activities in Poland

    Zygmunt Ajduk
    Institute of Theoretical Physics, Warsaw University

    Data on Polish scientists and Polish scientific institutions are accumulated by the Information Processing Centre of the State Committee for Scientific Research. These data (65 000 records of scientists, 6200 records of institutions) can be accessed by Internet and they are published as Polish Research Directory both in printed and electronic version (on CD).

    Two interesting initiatives concerning the scientific information in Internet were launched by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM). The first one is the Virtual Science Library. Various international scientific data bases with country licenses (e.g. Science Citation Index, Inspec) are installed at ICM and are used by universities and research institutes in Poland. The second one is the Academic Internet Television. Lectures of scientists and scientific films are transmitted through Internet using digital video technology. New programmes are streamed in Polish and English 8 times every day and later they are accessible from the archive.

    In June 2002 a mirror of PhysNet was installed in Poland at the server of the Polish Physical Society (with Linux Slackware OS). During the first four months of mirror operation there were over 1300 visits from about 650 hosts, what means about 10 visits/day.

    The data concerning Poland in sections PhysDep and PhysDoc are updated by me every month. There are about 200 entries in PhysDep from Poland. The updates were visible next day on the PhysNet main server in Oldenburg, but they were not transferred to mirrors due to an error in the mirroring software and Thomas Severiens synchronized them from time to time by hand.

    In 2003 we plan to install the search engine Harvest to index the physics documents in Poland.