Welcome to SINN02 - 2nd International Technical Workshop of the project SINN

    Eberhard R. Hilf
    Institute for Science Networking Oldenburg GmbH

    Welcome at Oldenburg
    Hereby I open the second international technical Workshop of the project SINN, -search engine network in the international natural-science network.

    We invited you as the active partners in this specific research and development project,

    • - umbrellaed by the EPS, the European Physical Society - of which I transfer the best wishes of its Secretary General, Dr. David Lee who wishes the participants a fruitful workshop and assures us of continued positive attitude, funding and umbrellaship and caring for PhysNet, the Physics Network worldwide;
    • - funded by the DFN German Science Network Organisation and so thoughtfully and professionally guided by its project coordinator, Dr. Föst;
    • - organized by Thomas Severiens and Michael Hohlfeld, both of ISN;
    • - hosted by the ISN Institute for Science Networking GmbH;
    • - housed by the Carl von Ossietzky University.

    The aim of this face-to-face workshop
    We all here intend to work to further develop the techniques and the implementation of the emerging network of regional brokers and gatherers:

    • to reduce the netload of the Internet;
    • to improve the service speed for the customers;
    • to increase the worldwide availability;
    • to boost the technical development by a network of experts;
    • to serve unequivocally all countries and regions;
    • to assure the unbiased structure and content of the services;
    • to adopt regional services and adapt to regional necessities.

    The organisation of the workshop
    We decided to keep the workshop small, stick to pick only experts, directly involved in the technical and service development of PhysNet and specifically its new service of a network of brokers and gatherers.

    We expect that on Friday, within the One-day Conference 'Open Distributed Science Information Management' you will present to the German officials

    1. the propositions you have;
    2. the progress you made;
    3. the needs you see.

    The Friday Conference is meant also to inform you about leading projects in the mutual field of science field specific server networks in Germany.

    Today and tomorrow are organized that you

    • present the status and achievements you made in your country;
    • take extensively time for technical exchange of concepts and thoughts.

    The mission of the ISN
    ISN is a research and development institution. The institute is a typical research institute:

    • no commercial contracts with industry, thus free of industrial ties;
    • free to do what is intellectually interesting;
    • aiming at research, to develop, implement and evaluate services for sciences, science communities, science societies and institutions for scientific information.

    Customers of the ISN
    ISN thus works exclusively for the science sector:

    • EPS as a major physics society with PhysNet;
    • DGM as the German Marine Sciences Society with MareNet;
    • MPG Max Planck Society and its large 85 nationwide Research Institutes with metadata;
    • GSI as the European Nuclear Physics Laboratory with science documents workflow;
    • National topical Libraries such as TIB Technical Information Library for a physics portal, and SUB State of Lower Saxony and University Library at Göttingen for OAi activities;
    • Five Northgerman physics University-departments with open source eLearning Physics Platform and search engine, a BMBF German Science Ministery project;
    • the GAP German Academic Publishers project with its document workflow.

    Cooperation partners of the ISN
    Partners of ISN are the IWI Institute for Scientific Information Osnabrück, VT Virginia Institute of Technology, MSU Michigan State University, LIU Long Island University. Members of ISN represent the Physics Community in national (IuK Initiative for Information and Scientific Communication of the German Learned Societies, DINI German Initiative for NetworkInformation) and international organisations (W3C:Xquery World Wide Web Consortium).

    ISN is an Institute attached to the University and lives from public sources for science.

    This workshop is housed as last time by the BIS University Information System (Library), and the welcome to you of its director Han Waetjen is passed through me.

    Your part is to work, my part is to learn from you and let you work. Welcome at Oldenburg.