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    The World Year of Physics

    The main purpose of WYP is to raise a worldwide public awareness for physics and more generally for physical sciences. The perception of physics and its importance in our daily life has decreased in the General Public to such a low level that the number of physics students in High Schools and Universities has dramatically declined over the past few years. In order to address this problem, it is important that the European and National Physical Societies become more active in sharing their visions and convictions about physics with politicians and the public in general.
    The great contributions of physics during the last centuries to the development of Science and Technology and its impact on our society might be evident to us physicists, but not to everybody. At the dawn of the 21st century the interdisciplinary role of physics will further increase and help in solving crucial problems arising in our world such as energy production, environmental protection or public health.

    The choice of the year 2005 as "WYP" refers to the 100th anniversary of the "Miraculous Year" of Albert Einstein, when he wrote his legendary articles which turned out to be the basis of three fundamental fields in physics:
    theory of relativity,
    quantum theory,
    theory of Brownian motion.

    Albert Einstein, who can be viewed as the first "international" physicist of the 20th century, realised most of his research work in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. Einstein, the physicist and the man, being so famous in the general public, will be the emblematic "flag" for this World Year of Physics.

    What could be the main axes of the World Year of Physics?

    • Promotion of public understanding of physics and physical sciences
    • Teaching in physics
    • Physics as basis of many other disciplines and incubator for newly emerging
      scientific and technological fields
    • The great challenges of physics for the 21st century.

    List of possible actions to be planned for WYP:

    • Local and itinerant exhibits on physics and its achievements
    • Local events on physics in every day life
    • integration to existing cultural events
    • Actions in schools, universities, national and private research laboratories
    • Interdisciplinary conferences, workshops or symposia (mathematics, chemistry, biology etc.)
    • Interaction with local industry, technology parks etc.
    • Advertising material for WYP: articles in newspapers and specialized magazines, posters in public areas and transportation systems (train, buses, airlines), emission of special stamps, etc.
    • Special logo
    • Special programmes on national and local TV's and radios
    • Publication of a WYP newsletter, regular articles in Europhysics News,
      as well as in the bulletins of National Physical Societies
    • WYP web sites with updated information and forums.
    • One of the highlights of year 2005 should be the 13th General Conference of the
      European Physical Society, EPS13, which should be organized in Bern or
      Zuerich, where A. Einstein was working during the year 1905.
    • Others
    As special logo is chosen:

    To secure the success of these events, the full support of national governments and of international organisations like the European Union or UNESCO is needed. For the preparation of this important event, EPS asks every National Physical Society to establish a specific "2005-WYP" Committee and deliberates on the type of actions that they want to launch at the scientific and political level.
    EPS heavily relies on the efficient and fast action in each country.

    EPS opened a special WYP2005 website at

    IUPAP, the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, in its 24th meeting in Berlin, 9 - 12 October 2002, decided to promote this EPS initiative.