The internationalization of Math-Net, the Math-Net Page and the Math-Net Navigator

    Wolfram Sperber, Wolfgang Dalitz
    Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin


    The mathematical community needs an effective access to the information relevant in mathematics. The International Mathematical Union (IMU) has declared the further development of information and communication to be a major aim of its work. One of the core activcities of the IMU is Math-Net, a user-driven and distributed information and communication system for mathematics.

    The Math-Net Page is a practical step to realize Math-Net. Web sites of mathematical institutions are acessible via homepages. But the homepages differ in content, structure and form. The Math-Net Page is an additional entry point, "secondary homepage", for the Web sites of mathematical institutions. This simplifies the navigation for the human user. The metadata, which are encoded in RDF/XML, allow to process Math-Net Pages by machines.

    The Math-Net Page Maker is a tool to create Math-Net Pages in an easy way.

    On April 12 2002 the Executive Committee of the IMU and the Committee on Electronic Information and Communication have adopted a recommendation to all mathematical institutions to install Math-Net Pages. More than 170 institutions worldwide have created Math-Net Pages in the mean time.

    The Math-Net Navigator is the Math-Net Service which collects all Math-Net Pages. The backbone of the Math-Net Navigator is a database. The Math-Net Navigator realizes different views to information given on the Math-Net Pages:

    • a complete, continent- and nationwide lists of institutions providing Math-Net Pages,
    • a subject-oriented view,
    • searching over the whole information.

    Moreover, the Math-Net Navigator will provide information for further Math-Net Services, as the Mathematical PREprint Search Service MPRESS or PERSONA MATHEMATICA, an index about mathematicians.

    The talk gives an overview of the internationalization of Math-Net, the Math-Net Page, and the Math-Net Navigator.