SINN03 eProceedings

    Personalisation in Elena: How to cope with personalisation in distributed eLearning Networks

    Peter Dolog and Wolfgang Nejdl
    Learning Lab Lower Saxony (L3S)


    One of the aims of ELENA project ( is to support personalized access to distributed learning repositories. In this talk we will present an approach to personalization we employed in ELENA. We take advantage of semantic web technologies and metadata description standards. Explicit descriptions of learning objects described in RDF bindings of LOM and DC, and learners in integrated RDF schema of PAPI and IMS LIP standards enable to employ reasoning and querying facilities of P2P Edutella infrastructure. Our approach is based on rule based matching of learning objects and learners descriptions to recommend learning services or learning objects provided by different providers, or to adapt and customize access, delivery, and consuming of the learning services and learning objects.



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