SINN03 eProceedings

    MathNet, MPRESS and its Searchengines

    Judith Plümer
    Department of Mathematics/Computer Science
    University of Osnabrück


    Progress in science bases on the availability and accessibility of the state of the art. In mathematics and related sciences this state of the art is reflected in form of preprints that are nowadays published electronically. Since every author becomes his or her own publisher there is a lack of organizing accessibility of the material.
    The same problem of missing organization we find when searching for people or teaching material in a specific area on the Web. MathNet deals with this problems and tries to solve them in a user driven approach. The talk briefly introduces MathNet and explains techniques and developments on the basis of MPRESS - one of the MathNet services: The Mathematics PREprint Server System (MPRESS) is a service offering an index of mathematical preprints electronically published all over the world. Referencing more than 50.000 documents residing on more than 100 WWW servers MPRESS is the largest index of mathematical preprints worldwide. The index data of the preprints are enriched by the use of metadata which improve the quality of retrieval drastically.
    The development of metadata schemes and encoding forces a transition from plain metadata to RDF as recommended by W3C.
    The talk sketches the system MPRESS and the related development in the area of metadata. The problems that these developments cause for a system like MPRESS as an example of a MathNet Service are discussed and the transition to a new metadata scheme is presented as well as the improvements that result from this transition.


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