SINN03 eProceedings

    Learning and teaching material in interdisciplinary context

    Kerstin Zimmermann
    ftw. Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien


    The internet has become essential to academic research during the last years. Now it is also a media for learning and teaching. What started with converted scripts at lectures' homepage spread out to java appletts for simulation and visualisation and become a commercial market for complete courses in virtual learning environments.

    Let's us focus to free avalible online material and its retrieval. Universities started to build up servers with materials for their students grouped by discilines. But what about interdisciplinary or minor subjects? Where to find them? E-publication servers are not the right place to search. In natural science several projects going on to collect and classify relevant material.

    In the talk we will give same examples for collections in engineering, mathematics and physcis. After a closer look to the typ of material the metadata will also be discussed in detail.


    eProceedings Programme