My Meta Maker for Research Groups

To markup Websites of Research Groups and Institutions in Physics
using the Dublin-Core-Standard

This Form will help you to produce correct META-data as easily as possible. Fill in as many fields as you think are necessary to describe your website. With * marked fields are mandatory. The output of this script produces the html source(META-date) for the header of the webpage of your research group. Just copy and paste the output into the header of your own homepage.
Many search machines do understand the produced META-data.

If you already have a file on a webserver containing metadata, just preload values into the interface form the URL:

Else create a meta file by filling the next HTML-form.

HTML-Form to Produce the Metadata:

Informations concerning the content of the Website:

*Name of the Research-Group or Institution: 

*List of Keywords (separated by commas): 


*Research Fields (2003 PACS-Number, separate multiple entries by commas):  
(e.g. 20. for Nuclear Physics, 42.55.-f for Lasers)

Funding Agencies (separated by commas): 

*Head of the Research Group or Institution 

E-Mail Address of the Head of Research Group or Institution 

Members of the Research-Group or Institution (format: name, first name; name, first name; etc.) 

*Language of the Content:

*Legal Body 

Rights(including Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Copyright, and various Property Rights) 

Informations concerning the Website itself:

*Title of the Website 

*URL of the Website (absolute URL beginning with http://): 

The Website is part of (absolute URL beginning with http://): 

*Data-Format or MIME-Type:

Name of Administrator 

* Please fill in the E-Mail Address OR the URL to the Website of the Administrator:
E-Mail Address of Administrator 

Website of Administrator(absolute URLs beginning with http://) 

*Upload:          Update:       (YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 1996-12-31 for Dec. 31st 1996)

URLs to several Websites of the Research Group or Institution

Projects(absolute URL beginning with http://): 

Documents(absolute URL beginning with http://): 

Teaching(absolute URL beginning with http://): 

Service(absolute URL beginning with http://): 

Miscellaneous(absolute URL beginning with http://): 

Please send questions and corrections by email to Svend-Age Biehs.