IuK Initiative for Information and Communication of the Learned Societies in Germany
Aims and work done by the Learned Societies in Germany.

  1. Report on the aims and and work of the IuK Initiative
  2. some personal statements to the field.
    The Aims of the Initiative are to stimulate and coordinate the development of information and communication management in the most general sense across the learned fields, throughout all of Germany with its 65 Universities, and embedded into the international development.

    Some personal remarks

    author: E.R.Hilf; Dept. of Physics, Carl von Ossietzky University; Oldenburg, Germany
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    author: Eberhard R. Hilf
    Final title of the manuscript will be: Chances and Initiatives in Scientific Information
    link: http://elfikom.physik.uni-oldenburg.de/IuK/IuK99/Hilf.html
    started: 1.3.1999; last change: 1.5.1999
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