Experiences and Organisation of the European Physical Society Portal of Services
Invoking International and National Societies and University Groups Worldwide

E. R. Hilf, T. Severiens
Institute for Science Networking, Oldenburg, Germany

Since 1995 the European Physical Society offers free access web-services of all kinds of information gathered by HARVEST directly from the the professional physics institutions distributed around the world. such as personal or institutional information, documents, reports, teaching material. Thus the authors' rights, actuality and integrity of the information is guaranteed by the authors.
The information is accessed by an increasing net of linked HARVEST brokers run by EPS, and National Societies.

Author tools are offered to make use of Metadata.

The Open Archive initiative now allows to access the service by other providers by wrapping the metadata set of PhysNet <www.eps.org/PhysNet/> to that of OAi.

PhysNet is a not-for-profit Service for Scientists. The organisational structure (see its Charter) ensures coherent cooperation of national and international societies and institutions. EPS by its Action Committee on Publication and Scientific Communication controls the service and its development.

For the management of the coherence of PhysNet with analogous services of adjacent fields EPS has The Coherence with adjacent learned fields is managed by Agreements, Joint Technical Workgroups as first set up with the IMU (Int. Math.Union).

In Germany the bridge to other fields is built by the IuK, the Information and Communication Initiative of the Learned Societies; The IuK and the societies of University libraries, computer centers, media centers at Universities have set up an Initiative DINI.

Experiences and usage of the services are commented.