Using XML for encoding Metadata in distributed systems (PhysDoc)

T. Severiens, E. R. Hilf
Institute for Science Networking, Oldenburg, Germany

OAi asks for a minimal set of metadata to make documents OAi-compliant. This makes document databases fit for a meaningful search by OAi-able service providers.

PhysDoc <> is both: a document data base of full text documents residing at the distributed sites of the about 4.000 physics departments worldwide, and a service provider offering to search across these data.

The meta data set used by PhysNet is identical and jointly developed and agreed on with Math-Net <> basing on Z39.85 (DC) standard. Dublin-Core is much richer and more detailed for object description than the more library oriented set of OAi.

XML based database description and RDF encoding of the object descriptions are presented, as well as an implementation for generating them. They are combined with repository descriptions from the view of OAi, and Z39.85 and added by digital signatures.