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Dissertation Online: a project supported by the German Research foundation
Dissertations / thesis play an important role in scientific research, (10.000 diss/a ?) so you are interested in getting the results from other work groups soon. Dissertations change within time. Up to now you usually get a paper-version of the dissertation if you found it in the library. slide 1

Nowadays you can search for dissertatione in the WWW. Therefore you need an electronic (digital) file on a server in the net. Metadata play an important role here. The upload is shown on slide 2. When the author's finished her/his dissertation she/he have to fill out an online script which produces metadata. Then the electronic file of the dissertation and the metadata tags as shadow file are put on the internal part of the server by using WUFI. After a docmaster has checked the entries the file is public.

Our main part within the project is the retrieval of dissertations especially in physics. But we also care about copyright management and converting the formats such as .tex into .ps and .pdf. slide 3
To search for thesis in delocated databases you need a special structure of a network and search engines to do the work. We use Harvest. On the first level you have the all departments. In the next level you find a collector divided by the kind of subjects, for example physics, mathematics, chemistry, education science, computer science On the top you'll have the main server with all links and query interface.

How does the Harvest-Software work? slide 4
Harvest consists of two parts: a Gatherer and a Broker. The Gatherer indexes the files, the Broker is for your query. Up to now you enter your query to the search engine in Oldenburg for physics and in Osnabrück for mathematics. In the future you'll find the main query interface for dissertations in Berlin.

Some Examples in Oldenburg: Our Homepage for Dissertations
4 fulltext dissertation avaliable on the server of our department now 34 dissertations since 1994 state of the art: list of links 18 of 62 departments with 60 fulltext dissertations, 15 library-databases with 150 fulltext dissertations

MMMfT (MyMetaMaker for Thesis)
developed by Mr Severiens department of Physics in Ol and Mr Schwänzl / Miss Plümer department of mathmatics in Osnabrück.

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